Invenatus Seed Funding Round

Invenatus has completed its pre-seed funding used to build the viable prototype which will be shown in the current seed round to investors. We’re excited to showcase our prototype which will provide investors insight into how Invenatus will revolutionize the content streaming industry. We’ve secured a partnership with a well know development firm in India, for the backend development and maintenance of the platform for the Alpha and Beta stages of release.
As a team we’ve grown since inception, with a think tank of 10+ individuals, ranging in experience with programming, platform development, and content creation. This think tank has spent numerous times investing, debating, and constructing the framework for the platform Invenatus.

Invenatus is Raising 5 Million

Invenatus Inc. is continuing our journey, to complete the platform and have a chance against the big players in the industry, Invenatus is raising 5 million to complete the MVP Alpha release of the platform. This funding will consist heavily of development and marketing costs to get the platform off the ground and into users’ hands. The alpha will launch with an estimated 10,000 users to de-bug, and test feature functionality in the real world. After tweaking the bugs and honing in on the functionality, Invenatus will be launched officially as a beta to western markets like the U.S. and Europe. Our milestone goal for the beta launch is Summer 2022 with the seed funding raised.

Founders Notes

Michael Grady is the owner and operator of Grady Environmental Services, Inc., which was founded in the State of Maryland in 1999 through his “hands-on”, dedicated leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer. Grady Environmental Services, Inc. has emerged as the premier maintenance service organization in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Business Corridor. Grady Environmental Services, Inc., is a minority-owned business, certified by the State of Maryland. With a highly-trained and motivated workforce of more than 15 employees, Grady Environmental Services, Inc. proudly serves more than 30 quality-oriented clients located at over 30 locations, totaling in excess of 3,000,000 square feet of Class A and B commercial offices; residential high-rise buildings, and parking garage facilities. In January 2000, they decided to pursue construction opportunities nationwide for projects of all sizes including commercial, residential, hospitality, corrections, and government facilities. The team represents over 30 years of construction-related experience.
In April of 2018, Mr. Grady decided to diversify and founded Grady Multi-Media, Inc. Grady Multi-Media, Inc., which the primary focus is on developing and building media platforms that drive sales and maximize brand impact. They build apps, advanced television websites, and plug-ins for brands and publishers worldwide.
Mr. Grady was extremely interested in building Platform Sites by which to do Digital Advertising and, get involved in the Gaming Industry. In January 2020, he joined forces with Esimplicity Technologies, which is based in Boulder Colorado. Mr. Tristan Poulsen, CEO of Esimplicity Technologies is working in concert with Grady Multi-Media, Inc. to develop and build “Invenatus”. Invenatus was developed and designed for Gamers to enjoy streamed gaming content. What makes Invenatus so unique is that it’s being built by Gamers for Gamers.

Tristan Poulsen is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business with a dual focus major in management, Information Analytics, and Business strategy and entrepreneurship. He went to Broomfield High School and grew up in Colorado. He gained most of his knowledge and experience from helping to raise his three younger siblings to start and run multiple business ventures over the years. Worked Aflac for a bit learning the ins and outs of healthcare, he then ran and managed a 60k painting business where he learned to hire and manage teams. Recently worked for CenturyLink and now consulting for many businesses, including a large Roofing company in Denver, and handling the e-commerce websites for 30+ million dollars in revenue businesses. Tristan currently helps manage a painting company with his family which has doubled year over year.

Starting his first business in late 2011 with the hopes of one day changing the way we all interact with our technology. Over the years he has learned that businesses need simple, fast, and secure access to their tech and has helped other small business owners fulfill their dreams by removing the worries about their IT.
His personal goal and objective are to build Invenatus to be a billion-dollar business and help revolutionize the world of streaming in the process. What really matters to me is the evolution of civilization, I want to in one way or another, help progress humanity forward.

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