Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Sustainability Statement (Mission):

Did you know that there are over 20 million empty homes in the United States and that there are an estimated 5 Million+ homeless humans/Americans on the street?

Unwanted Homelessness shouldn’t be a thing.


So theoretically you could put every homeless person in a home and STILL have 15 million empty homes in the USA. Not that I’m saying we should do that, but in our opinion, this is a major problem – especially within a very wealthy and successful nation.


Our business sustainability plan consists of 2 simple things, one is that every employee including the executives will commit 2 hours of paid community service a month within the community in which they live, and two is Invenatus Inc. will donate 3-5% of net profits to support the Homeless through direct donations and non-profit programs. We believe that these 2 things will help put profit to purpose as an organization.


As a modern business, Invenatus plans on maintaining a high level of CSR in its business practices. We will consider the requirements of all stakeholders affected by Invenatus. Those stakeholders are our employees, investors, our community, and the environment. We want to build a sustainable business model that in turn does not also hurt the planet. In operations, we will conduct an analysis of our carbon emissions via server usage.